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Just thought I’d share recent caricature drawings of the kids from St. Vincent’s open house for their newest medical center.

From Misc. 2008
From Misc. 2008
From Misc. 2008

I’m so thankful that Toby was allowed in the preschool program at Stony Creek Elementary. Ethan & Samantha never went to preschool. I’ll admit I was kind of anti-preschool when Ethan was that age. He didn’t seem to need it–he knew the fundamentals and got plenty of socialization at church (Sundays & Wednesdays) and MOPS, twice a month. When Sam was 4 or 5, though, I could really see how she (I) would have benefited from preschool. She (I) really needed an outlet. Unfortunately, preschool was cost-prohibitive.

It was a huge blessing when they had space for Toby in the early childhood program. Mrs. Holbrook is awesome (and so is her aide, Ms. Gysin). I can tell they really love working with these kids.

It’s been fun for me to see how much Toby has learned in the past 4 weeks. For several months he’s been interested in writing his name. That “B” was tough, though. He’s doing really well at writing it now. Next year he’ll have an advantage I never had going into kindergarten: he won’t have any problem spelling his last name. I remember that I always had to ask my kindergarten teacher how to spell my last name (Burkhalter). One day she finally told me I was going to have to learn to spell it on my own. Well, Toby is 4 and he can already spell his last name. In Apple Jacks, no less.

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