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Belated Christmas/Happy New Year/Happy Chinese New Year greetings from the Cox family. We’re covering all our bases.


Samantha has been busy making Christmas lists (both for herself and for Toby). Here are a couple of the letters w/ pictures she has deposited under the tree.



“Dear Santa, I hope you get me some stuff for my Groovy Girl. Your friend, Samantha Cox”



“Dear Santa, Please find this note under my tree. And try to get my brother a Bakugon, and my little brother will probably want one too. Your friend, Samantha”

He wanted another pack of Skittles but his mom said "no."

I love the description Toby asked me to write on this picture from school:

He wanted another pack of Skittles, but his mom said “No.”

Toby’s not the only artist in the family. Ethan & Samantha both have art on exibit at their school art show. The theme is Van Gogh’s Daisies.

Ethan’s Daisy:


Sam’s Field of Daisies:

Sam's Field of Daisies painting

And last but not least I leave you with Randy’s art from Pizano’s in Chicago:

Randy's drawing, Pizano's

You can see more photos from our fall break trip to Chicago here.

Just thought I’d share recent caricature drawings of the kids from St. Vincent’s open house for their newest medical center.

From Misc. 2008
From Misc. 2008
From Misc. 2008

I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat these past 4 weeks waiting for me to post the rest of my fruit pizza photos. Well, the wait is over! Here are my step-by-step photos. And here is the recipe. Enjoy!


I made my best fruit pizza yet this past weekend. It’ll be a few days before I have the opportunity to upload the pics to Flickr. In the meantime, here’s a little tease. It’s the first time I’ve used blueberries and I love how they added to the overall look.

Blueberries really dress up the grape border!

Sam & Toby wanted to go to the playground at Hamilton Town Center yesterday. Ethan & I took along our books. At one point Samantha & Toby both decided to draw instead of play. It was quite amusing–beautiful day, nice new playground and we’re all either reading or coloring (or taking photos).