I’m so thankful that Toby was allowed in the preschool program at Stony Creek Elementary. Ethan & Samantha never went to preschool. I’ll admit I was kind of anti-preschool when Ethan was that age. He didn’t seem to need it–he knew the fundamentals and got plenty of socialization at church (Sundays & Wednesdays) and MOPS, twice a month. When Sam was 4 or 5, though, I could really see how she (I) would have benefited from preschool. She (I) really needed an outlet. Unfortunately, preschool was cost-prohibitive.

It was a huge blessing when they had space for Toby in the early childhood program. Mrs. Holbrook is awesome (and so is her aide, Ms. Gysin). I can tell they really love working with these kids.

It’s been fun for me to see how much Toby has learned in the past 4 weeks. For several months he’s been interested in writing his name. That “B” was tough, though. He’s doing really well at writing it now. Next year he’ll have an advantage I never had going into kindergarten: he won’t have any problem spelling his last name. I remember that I always had to ask my kindergarten teacher how to spell my last name (Burkhalter). One day she finally told me I was going to have to learn to spell it on my own. Well, Toby is 4 and he can already spell his last name. In Apple Jacks, no less.