Last Christmas Randy, his dad Rick, brother Adam & brother-in-law Jeff all received skydiving gift certificates for Christmas. They did their jumps in Richmond, Indiana in July. I’m really not sure what I thought of skydiving up to that point. The idea of jumping out of an airplane certainly wasn’t appealing, but the falling part (provided there was a soft landing) did sound cool. After watching Randy jump, I knew I’d like to do it someday. But it’s not cheap, so I figured it would be years out (if ever).

From Skydiving

So imagine my surprise when Randy IM’s me a month ago. Our conversation went a little somethin’ like this:

12:42:11 PM Randy: What are you doing on Saturday, September 20, at 10am?
12:42:38 PM Randy: In Greensburg?
12:42:46 PM Jen Cox: Huh?
12:42:55 PM Randy: I think you’re skydiving.
12:43:05 PM Jen Cox: Wha?
12:43:55 PM Randy: Some friends of someone here at Compendium are putting together a group to go skydiving in Greensburg, and they got a great deal.
12:44:04 PM Jen Cox: How much?
12:44:16 PM Randy: Not the regular price of $239.
12:44:32 PM Randy: Not the normal group discount price of $189.
12:44:43 PM Randy: But the AWESOME discount price of $169.
12:45:13 PM Jen Cox: Now there’s no way I’ll be able to sweet-talk you into letting me go on the OTR cruise. (:
12:45:15 PM Randy: So, do you want to go skydiving for your birthday/anniversary present?
12:45:25 PM Jen Cox: How can I refuse?
12:45:29 PM Randy: How much is the cruise?
12:45:54 PM Jen Cox: Oh, the cheap cabin is $749. Airfair not included, of course.
12:45:57 PM Randy: You could say that you’d rather not go skydiving. That’s how.
12:46:10 PM Randy: Oh, this is WAY cheaper, and far more dangerous.
12:46:14 PM Jen Cox: (:
12:46:20 PM Randy: So, are you in?
12:46:23 PM Jen Cox: All right–sign me up!
12:46:27 PM Randy: Cool.
12:46:36 PM Jen Cox: That’s crazy.
12:46:40 PM Jen Cox: You’re awesome.

And the video…

From Jen Skydiving
From Jen Skydiving

Adam’s Video
Photos of Jen’s jump
Photos of Randy’s & the guys’ jumps


Samantha didn’t have any clean pajamas the other night, so I dug one of Randy’s old shirts out of the closet. Of course, Toby wanted one, too. Luckily, I had just the thing.