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For the past three Septembers we’ve attended Northview Christian Life’s Hillfest. We always have a great time–they do such a good job with it. Last year we were able to hang out on the church’s property and watch several hot air balloons lift off. We’d planned to do the same this year. (NVCL’s property is the highest point in the county, making it a popular launch site. Around 6 o’clock we headed over to the grassy field where they had a balloon laid out on the ground. That’s when we noticed the line of people. They were doing tethered rides! Initially the wind was too strong but it died down fairly quickly. After over 2 hours of waiting, the kids and I were able to go up for a very short, tethered ride. We had a great time and made some new friends in the line to boot. Check my Flickr for more Hillfest fun.